Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Monet was spotted for the first time in front, leaving the front feeder. The next time we saw him, was 5am on the front porch feeder, then again that day in the back. By Saturday morning,
while doing morning canned feeding, he came close enough to put him in a carrier and take him to Elmhurst Animal Care. Monet (named later by his Armchair Adoptor, Stephanie Skrine for the white tip on his tail) was in bad shape. Ematiated, a terrible Upper Respiratory Infection, a large wound on his right shoulder, brittle hair. He weighed in at 5lb 2 oz. He tested negative for feline leukemia and Feline ImmunoVirus. His gums were almost white, one of his canines was broken off at the gum line and his tail was full of some sort of grease. He also had lice, an indication of a very deficient immune system. He was comfortable being cuddled and held but it could be that he was a really sick feral or someone's abandoned pet. - he never purred but did cuddle in. Monet got meds, was treated for lice and given a warm bath, hydrated and given as much food as he would ingest and lots of love but we knew he was so far gone, he might not make it. He didn't. He died yesterday. But he died in safe space. He brings to mind so many like him, out in the streets with no one to care for them and it saddens us. Most of the cats we work with are cared for by people who feed and care for them but the Monet's of the world have no one. A friend said he came here because he knows he'd have love and care in his last days. Who knows. Many find us, sick and healthy. Even tho we can't take care of them all, or many of them, really, we're glad Monet found us and we were able to offer comfort and love in his last days. It's one of the things that makes CatVando, CatVando, and it's one of the things we raise funds to be able to provide.

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