Thursday, January 20, 2011


Tri sorry, no recent photos of her. Poor girl is still hiding under cabinets during the day. It's not that she can't walk, it's just a very difficult transition from her home yard with the cats she's been raised with and the caretaker she's familiar with. Last week, she started coming out just a couple feet up onto one of the cat trees but this week she's hiding out under a cabinet that's even more secluded than the other. Her former caretaker is coming out next week. We're hoping that if she hears her voice and sees her here, it will make her more trusting and comfortable. We'll keep you posted!


Continues to gain weight. The difference between when she first arrived at the back door, skin and bones, with a seemingly oversized head, is amazing. Her nail fungus is all but gone. She still hangs around in the bathroom most of the time but in the morning, I often find her on my office chair. She too is going to the vet to check her blood levels and see if the Tapazole she's getting for her Hyper-thyroid are on track. Her eyes have changed. She's lost the thin black line surrounding the division between her inner and outer iris. She's a sedentary cat. Mostly she sleeps in her bathroom bed sanctuary. She comes looking for us when she's ready for more food and she only eats canned. She loves being loved, whether being pet in her bed or being cuddled on a lap.


Is slowly gaining weight. He went to our vet, Elmhurst Animal Care where they found 1/2 a tooth left in his mouth from his former surgery at another clinic. Blackie had to have all but his incisors removed due to a badly infected mouth. Dr. Singleton also did a biopsy of his gums as they were still inflammed. He has feline Plasmacytic Stomatitis. His body is allergic to the plaque on his teeth, this sometimes causes ulceration of the larynx but in Blackie's case, it isn't the case. He's on antibiotics and as part of treatment is removal of his teeth, and that happened prior to diagnosis, we think he'll be fine. We did discover a lump under his chin so he'll be back to the vet today. Aside from that, he's a very loving cat. Shy with strangers but once he knows you, he can't get enough loving (and food!). We may even have an adoptor for this love bunny.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tri, Willow & Blackie

Tri hissed and growled but I was able to reach under the cabinet and cut the cord that keeps her cone on. Hopefully, not having it will help her normalize and come out from under the cabinet. Poor baby is still spending her days under there. I have yet to hear from her former caretaker. Will have to call her again to see if she'll come out to say hi to the girl. Her adjustment to 3 legs is so much easier than her adjustment to her new life. We're hoping to find her a home with someone who's willing to adjust to her time frame of trust. Willow didn't eat her food tonight. That's unusual. She usually eats several times a day, in small incriments. Her last meal has her meds, it's been in there for about 2 hours, untouched. Hope it's gone by morning. She's been quiet the last couple of days, staying in her bathroom bed more than usual. Blackie is a mellow cat. Twinkle, our house b_ _ _ _, still yowls at him when their paths cross and he just looks and walks right by. He's fitting in nicely with the others. He really needs a lap. He loves to cuddle. He's due for his dental check on the 5th, then will be ready to go. If you know anyone who's looking for an affectionate, beautiful long haired black cat, Blackie is the one. Mellow, playful, affectionate and handsome!

Elvis Extravaganza

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