Saturday, April 16, 2011

Robin's Fester

Fester is a shoulder cat. He couldn't have found a better match. Our volunteer Mike adopted Fester and they are delighted with each other. Fester, like many of Robin's cats is very compatible with other cats, as he is with Mike's furry family.

New colony cats at CatVando

Stan, scared as a feral, once was owned, as witnessed by the collar that was all but embeded in his neck, had been coming around for about a month. He was TNR'd out of the yard 4/8. We haven't seen him since release.
Murphy has been coming around for about 3 weeks. He started at the side feeder (below the tree) then he was last spotted at kittyland in the back, with the back cats hot on his scent. can't bring up his photo but he's a handsome black cat with distinct white markings.
Flo, another picture I can't pull up, is a long haired orange muted tabby who has also eluded the trap. She displaced Tree Cat out of her home in the attic next door.
More to come on their trappings.

Tri, our 3 colored 3 legged one

Tri's been here since late December and continues to spend most of her time under or on top of the cabinet or on the cat tree next to it. Just a few days ago, she ventured onto one of the nearby hammocks. About 3 weeks ago she came out and ate her canned food right next to me and when I take the time, she will come next to me every time. I started petting her about 2 weeks ago - tentatively. She's intimidated by the cats she shares her space with. She's going to make someone a sweet cat. She'll need time but she's young. With the progress we've seen, we believe she'll friendly in a relatively short period of time and any time spend on the process will pay off in lots of love.

Robin's Cat: Alfred

Time flies. We are thrilled to say, Alfred had his surgery and is now pain and puss free. If you read our March 1 post, you know things were looking pretty bleek. He so badly needed the surgery yet we couldn't come close to affording it and even more, as a TNR group, our focus is on reducing the number of kittens being born in the street. For the price of his surgery, we could TNR 84 cats. But, our beloved TREE HOUSE CAME TO HIS RESCUE! Tree House sponsored Alfred's surgery. We are speechless with gratitude and so is Alfred. He is feeling so good. He went through quite an ordeal, he was on pain meds for the first week or so but just chilled and watched the world go by. He's now out of his cage, roaming free and waiting for his new mama or papa to hug and cuddle up to. He is looking pretty funny these days but his hair will grow back. Even now, he's a joy to watch. His ears will always crinkle forward and down, sort of like Yoda and they're closed shut but he can hear - just not as well. He's not very photogenic - he looks much funnier than this! He is a joy. THANK YOU DAVE deFUNIAK AND THE GANG AT TREE HOUSE.