Monday, December 15, 2008

Cat Lover's Holiday Celebration

We Had A Great Time!
First, our appreciation goes out to those wonderful people who donated the space, Skrine Chops at 7230 W. Madison in Forest Park donated their wonderful 2nd floor space (an excellent place to go for eats, a drink or to have a party). Stephanie Skrine who donated the incredibly delicious Skrine Chicken, mashed potatoes and pasta salad and one of the biggest gift baskets I've seen for our raffle (won by Sheila Ferarri). MaryRita Skrine donated a huge platter of some of the best chocolate chip cookies and fudge on the face of the earth. Sirius Cooks donated a great, much sought after, basket of all sorts of cat food, treats,toys and a reusable bag (won by Eric Tucker). Priscilla Kinzell donated a whole bag of things for our raffle, lots of great Christmas decorations, frames, candles, cat books and toys and more. Ellen Miles (me) donated a few pieces of her jewelry (won by Beverly Younger, Mike the Cat Man, and ????). Jeanne Friedell donated a great cat book and bag and a cat decoration and pin). Jeanne Friedell won one of Ellen's necklaces and a cute multi cat pin. Kim May, one of our wonderful animal caregiver volunteers won the 'Split the Pot'. (Kim has her own pet sitting service - we highly recommend her. Not only is she trustworthy, she's full of love when it comes to animals. Bella, our Belgian Shepard loves her so much her eyes sparkle and almost tear up when Kim arrives! - for info on hiring Kim, leave comment and we'll put your in touch) There was more but frankly, can't remember!
It was great to see people sharing photos and stories. We met some new folks that are involved in rescue and TNR and learned a few things ourselves. One woman who actually dowsed (usually associated with dowsing for water) for kittens in a large community garden!!! What a great idea. Terry, a newbe to our group who also does rescue brought a couple of wonderful albums of her rescue kittens and cats. I heard about, and sorry I missed, pictures of kitties in a Barbie Corvette - sort of like a right of passage photo before they get adopted.
Thank you to all of those who joined us in Celebration and Community and in support of CatVando. Your support, not just the wonderful financial support but your overall support of CatVando means a tremendous amount to us! Working together to help and support each other is what life is all about! The photos are some we took before the camera pooped out.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

More Cuties Looking for a New Home!

The Berwyn Three
Alice, Archie & Aidan
Archie is the one on top of Aidan. These two are going as a pair - they're more attached to each other than to their sister Alice, (but Alice would be happy to join them in their new home). Really sweet, about 9 weeks old. Aiden is very interactive, affectionate and playful, while Archie waits for us to go to him and purrs when he gets his lovin'. They're great to watch whether they're playing or cuddling together.
And this is Alice. A bit more reserved than her brothers but think she'll warm up as she finds her own. She purrs up a storm when cuddled and loves to play with feather toys and her siblings.
All of our kitties were born in the streets or in someones yard.
While our mission is TNR (Trap Neuter Return) to prevent kittens, sometimes we get TNA's (Trap Neuter Adopt) before their mamas are spayed. When we get young kitties, we also capture their mom to care for them until their ready to be weaned. Then mama returns to her home in her caretakers yard. Our kittens are all well socialized. They've been exposed to many wonderful volunteers, children and adults alike. They've also been exposed to dogs and most are comfortable with them. Our kittens are all healthy. We feed a good quality kitten food and supplement to assure a healthy beginning for a longer healthier life. Our adoption fee of $140 covers spayed or neutered, distemper and rabies shots, F/F testing, treatment for parasites and fleas, and a micro chip and may or may not have a slight ear tip (identifying them as a TNA). All our kittens are always welcome back for the duration of their life, and we're always available for questions about their health and wellbeing. To meet these cuties, email We're located in Maywood, IL