Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Alfred saw Dr Singleton at Elmhurst Animal Clinic. He's continuing with his prednizone and antibiotic and will need surgery. Poor baby, his ears are horrible. The surgery will leave him totally deaf but it will end the chronic infection. His canals are already plugged and so swollen he doesn't hear well now, and it would end the pain. He is such a love. He purrs, cuddles, hugs and is just such a good guy with a great personality and temperment. He needs a permanent home with a couch and lap. Unless his new caretaker can afford it, CatVando will be covering his bills. We continue to need money but so many people have been so generous in their donations for Robin's cats, we're about even - of course, that's before Alfred's surgery and there are still more cats. However, Alfred's needs are greater than all others. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tri's really up and up!

Tri was on top of the cabinet she's been living under last night. It's the yellow cabinet next to the cat tree pictured in the last photo. She's only coming out at night and now, dusk, but at least she's started!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tri, Willow & Blackie

Tri's Up & Out!!!!! That's her at the top of the cat tree, next to the cabinet she spent so much time under. This is the first time I've walked into the room when she's been out and she hasn't run back under the cabinet. Willow is getting bigger and more beautiful every day. She is in kidney failure, her kidney values were up the last time she had her blood work. She's just happy to be here. We'd love to find her a home. She's loving and sweet and spends most of her time in the bathroom, she's comfortable there. Once in a while, another cat takes her spot but usually leaves it to her or joins her in her bed. She's an old girl. We'd like to find her someone who would like to spend some of their last years together. Blackie is gaining slowly and his hair is filling out. I think he'll always be a slim cat. His gums are pretty much healed. He needs a lap. He loves being held and petted. Sleek, black and looking for a lap. THANK YOU ALL OF YOU WHO HAVE DONATED TO TRI'S SURGERY AND HOSPITALIZATION - WE MADE IT!!!! YOU HELPED US COVER IT! WE'RE ABOUT 1/3 OF THE WAY THROUGH WILLOW'S BILLS TO DATE - NOT SURE WHAT IT'S GOING TO TAKE IN THE LONG RUN. BLACKIE'S SURGERY HAS BEEN PAID FOR BUT WE'RE STILL WORKING ON FOLLOW UP SO........... ANY AND ALL DONATIONS - LARGE AND SMALL ARE ALWAYS WELCOME!!!!! Thank You.

Robin's Cats

Alfred & Dottie are still in foster care. Alfred is such a hugger. Karen (foster Mom) was holding him with he had his arms resting on her shoulders, kissing her face and nuzzling her neck and cheeks. Great old boy. His ear is doing a bit better - looking forward to seeing what the vet says this week. Dottie is still shy. Squirt, a 9 month old muted grey tabby that purred through her test and vaccines and her housemate, Tennison, an orange tabby boy, about 1-2 years old have become Rose and possibly Leo. Priscilla, our webmaster, arranged their adoption. Their new family a young girl named Nina and Dorothy, her Grandma are thrilled to get them and by the sounds of it Rose & Leo are thrilled to be there. Rose has always been open, playful and friendly but we were a bit concerned about Leo - no need. he took time coming out of the carrier but then joined right in with the group............ A match made in heaven. Nina, Dorothy, Rose & Leo have all suffered a great loss of a loved one. Dorothy lost her daughter, Priscillas God Daughter, Sara. Nina lost her Mom. Rose & Leo lost their Mommie then their cat family. And they all spent their first night snuggled up against one another! Beautiful............... Helmut - a big old white cat with a grey cap was adopted by another family with another miracle of a story! Our vigilant volunteer, Janet, who's been working on placement for the cats, found him a place with the woman who does adoptions out of PetSmart. When a cage opened up, Mike took Helmut to Elmhurst Animal Care for his wellness exam, shots and blood work on Friday then Janet picked him up on Saturday to take him to Sarah at PetSmart. Janet fell in love with him during and after transport. A big old boy, really mellow. We hated the idea of him being in a cage for an unknown amount of time but sometimes that what it takes for an adoption. No need to worry! Janet stuck around for a couple of adoptions and on her way out noticed a family with a small girl coming into the store. By the time she got back home, she found out the family adopted Helmut. It was the little girl who made the choice. Sarah has already spoken to the adoptors. Helmut now follows the little girl wherever she goes. The miracle is that an old cat got adopted and within a couple of hours of being at PetSmart - that's incredible. 2 more - we got a call from a woman who's friend referred her after she read the story in the Oak Leaves,oak-park-cats-020911-s1.article . It's a great article. She and her husband have always had animals and their last one died a while back. They miss having critters and are willing to adopt 2. Their only criteria is 'male'. They'll take the older cats and color isn't an issue. Love it! We're bringing them the cats on Feb 1 or before 2-more - possible to a nice woman who's had a number of rescues and had been a vet tech for years. She and her family may be taking 2. Going out to Robin's this Friday take photos of the cats and pick up 4 cats for the vet, then to Karen's pre-adoption. We've had such great matches, seems like Robin's overseeing .

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Robin's Cats: Alfred, Dottie & Squirt

We will be listing cats as they become available or we have more info on them. So far, we've taken three cats from Robin's house. They all need IMMEDIATE HOMES, temporary or permanent. All have tested negative for feline leukemia/aids. Every day they go without a new mommie or dad, they suffer. Robin rescued these cats, disposed of by others, please help continue her work. We've had very few inquirires. We don't want to see these cats go to DuPage Animal Control!
Alfred is a great cat. A big grey and white cuddlebuddy. He readily approaches for cuddles and purrs. He's one of the special needs cats. He has a terribly infected ear that's on the road to recovery. He's on prednizone, clavamox and PCM ear meds. He's about 9 years old, sturdy and other than his ear, healthy.
Is white with sparce grey and tiger spots. Her ear, like Alfred's is deformed but not as infected as his. she's on PCM ear meds. She has a stage 3 heart murmer (she tested negative for hyper thyroid) and is slightly anemic. We're giving her colostrum for her anemial. She's shy but was affectionate with Robin.
Squirt no photo
Cute as the dickens, a 7-9 month old grey muted tabby female. Lots of fun, healthy. Has a special buddy at the house who will be a great second cat. She's a bit older,grey but small. They pal together.
Keep posted for more cats. If you'd like to 'pick your own cats' we'll be going out this week, you might join us. Email if interested.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Robin and her Cats

On December 20, a dear friend went to sleep and never woke up. She had a heart attack. To say Robin was compassionate pales by comparison to how compassionate, gentle, engaged and interested she really was. She was a librarian at the Dole Branch Library in Oak Park for about 20 years. She took a personal interest in anyone she spoke with. At her service last Sunday at the library, the room was overflowing into the hall with people cominbg to pay their last respects to a woman who meant so much to them. She will be missed. Robin's compassion wasn't just for 2 leggeds, she loved all life, including the many 4 leggeds that came to her door. Robin's home was surrounded by forest preserve land - a place where people 'dump' cats. Many of those cats came to Robin's door where she fed, vetted and cared for them. Much of her life, and resources, was devoted to her critters. ROBIN'S CATS NEED HOMES - WE NEED 12 PEOPLE TO TAKE 2 CATS EACH. CatVando is helping Robin's family find homes. Robin's cats are loving but would be terrible candidates for adoption at a shelter (if we could even find one to take them). The would freak out in a cage in a strange place, shrink to the back of a cage and probably hiss and would be seen as unadoptable. When the go from Robin's house to their new home, they'll hide for a while but will eventually come out and love their new companion. If you would be so kind as to help share your heart and home with 2 of these precious ones, please contact us We have a limited amount of time before these cats have to be relinquished to DuPage Animal Control. Please find it in your heart to provide them with a life and a home


Is finally gaining weight. He's a tough one to feed. His gums are still sore (feline plasmacytic stomatitis) so he can only eat soft but sometimes even that is difficult. I've tried canned with a lot of water and mushed, small chuncks mostly submurged in water with cholostrum and softened kibble with canned mixed. He's eaten or drank a little of each but seems to do best with the kibble mix - it's since that that he's finally gaining weight. His long sickly hair is still very thin from months of starvation and poor nutrition. Give him another year of good food and his long shiny black coat will thicken up and he'll be very handsome. He's a MAJOR cuddler who has a lot of lap lovin' to offer. He like's gentle head butts and will cuddle into whatever position he's in. He's still on antibiotics, and of course digestive enzymes, (thank you Sirius Cooks!) pro biotics (thank you Melaleuca!) and good food (thank you Sirius Cooks!) and lots of lovin. He's even taken to cuddling with some of the other cats - new for him here.


This is the best picture I've taken of her eyes yet it doesn't show their true color and irridescence. You can see the separation between the inner and outer part of the iris. Her eyes are a deep green and the inner iris is a pearlescent color, like luminescent green mother of pearl. Her eyes have continued to change since she arrived at the back door, Sept 17. Any one know an iridologist???? We'd love to know what that means.
She just went in for another blood test to check her Tapazole levels and kidney values. The fungus on her nail beds is gone (thank you Melaleuca!). She still has a bad tooth and the abdomenal mass but until she's healthy, we're not doing anything about it. We do suspect mammary cancer but aren't considering surgery at the moment and depending on her condition, maybe never. It would put her through trauma and if it is ca, we wouldn't be able to save her anyway - why put her through it. We continue to consult with our vet about it so we'll keep you posted. She is content, a good weight, getting healthier by the day. She still spends the majority of time in her bathroom suite coming out every once in a while, usually when she's ready for her next (frequent) meal. She's a love. The vet techs all fell in love with her. We'd love to find her a good foster home.


Tri What a joy and wonder to behold. Last night I had my first 'out from under the cabinet face to face' and our eyes locked for about 10 seconds before she ran back under her yellow cabinet. She jumped from the top of a chest about 5' high to one of the levels on the cat tree, then another, then to the floor and under the cabinet. She moved with such grace, with no hesitation or imbalance. Animals are amazinbg. True examples of living in the moment and working with what you've got. Every dog or cat that I've known or known of, has had not physical problems adjusting to their new stance - minus a leg. I don't think they're encombutred by thoughts of what they use to have or how it could be. They just adjust. Her former caretaker, Kay, came by last week......... God love her, she brought a quilted pillow case that she'd rubbed her yard cats with and brought it for Tri so Tri could smell the scent of her family and maybe feel more comfortable here. God Love her, Kay got down on the floor so she could see and talk to Tri. Kay is 72 and carries a few extra pounds - getting on that floor then up wasn't easy for her. Tri hissed but for the first time came out and ran across the room with someone present. Maybe she was showing Kay she's ok. Since having Kay to visit, Tri has poked her head out and made herself more visible. We were hoping hearing and seeing Kay in her new place would help her feel more comfortable and trustworthy, and it seems that it helped. One of these days, I look forward to movies of Tri out from under, walking and climbing but til then, we're satisfied with her 'pokes'.