Saturday, June 18, 2011


Hoss is a magnificent cat - not just in size, in presence and personality. Hoss was an infrequent visitor in one of our caretakers yard when he was trapped and taken to Tree House where he was neutered, vaccinated, ear tipped and microchipped, and given Revolution for fleas, ticks, ear mites and parasites. During his wellness exam, they discovered his dental issue. The right side of his lower jaw was infected and swollen. He must have been in pain, he drolled and dribbled food on that side. We also discovered he is FIV positive but aside from his dental issues, healthy. FIV cats can live long healthy lives. They can only transmit the disease to other cats through deep wound bites and once neutered, they loose their desire to fight.
The first thing we notice about Hoss was his size. Even tho his ribs were showing and his backbone stuck up like a mountain range he was HUGE! His face has the cheeks of an unneutered adult male, those big beautiful jowels that disappear after neutering. His coat is sort of a motled silver and black, medium to short in length. He was 12 pounds but ematiated. His ribs stuck out and his spinal cord stuck up like a mountain range. He has beautiful dark golden eyes with a slight dip in his upper lid. His voice is as mighty as his size. His coat was dry and thin, he had what looked to be a burst absess on his lower jaw and another developing on his right cheek. He's got a funny little fold to his left ear. He must have been in pain for a long time.
We knew Hoss was friendly, we didn't know how friendly and in order to go to our vet at Elmhurst Animal Care & Clinic, he had to be handleable. It took a few days to access that. Once we were able to pick him up, we were able to take him to the vet. From the beginning, we gave him good food, colostrum, pro-biotics and essential fatty acids. Once back from the vet, he was on Clavamox. We were hoping his jaw was just infected and that it wasn't squamous cell carcenoma. After 10 days on clavamox, we took him back to EACC. Good News! His jaw was so much better, cancer was ruled out. He was ready to have a few (5 actually) teeth removed. That was last week. One more trip to the vet and he'll be ready to leave. He looks fabulous! He's gained weight, his hair is filling out and getting healthy. His gum is healed - no more drool and mess. He is so much more comfortable. He's a great cat.
A bit about Hoss. Truely, the word magnificent comes to mind. He is very intelligent and responsive. He knows and responds to the word no. He's affectionate without being needy or demanding. He's wonderful to cuddle with. He has a presence. His wise old eyes speak volumes. Sometime, a long time ago, Hoss was tossed to the streets or maybe lost. He's survived and is still trusting and friendly. He needs a home with someone to love him and someone he can love. He may be an indoor outdoor cat - it's difficult to tell because of his current living situation. He's a senior, we just don't know his age. We think he'd be appropriate for any age.
HOSS NEEDS A HOME BY JULY 1 OR HE WILL BE GOING BACK TO THE YARD. He's not a candidate for a shelter - he hates to be caged and we can't keep him. We can only help him heal His caretaker can't take him in, her cat isn't cat friendly and Hoss may not be either.
Hoss doesn't like dogs at all. Not even our resident dog, Bella, who is loved by all the other feline furry ones.
Please email or call 708 829 6013 if you'd like to meet him and possibly provide him a home to live out his life.