Sunday, September 11, 2011

Melaleuca Testimonials

Here's where you can read what customers say about Melaleuca products. To add your own story or, to ask a question, just comment on this post and it will be posted. Zap It. I love it. My skin has always been sensitive and when I had a blemish, things like Oxy Clearf and all the other things just left dry spots in the place of pimples. I couldn't believe how well the Zap It Stick works. It doesn't dry my skin and it takes away the pimple. My 13 year old son is now using my Zap It and loves it. He's getting the whole system. CM At 28, I'd tried everything for a lifetime of blemishes, black heads and big pours. After 5 weeks on the Zap It system, I have beautiful skin and very few blemishes. Lemon Blossom Sol U Mel I've always used Sol U Mel for smells, stains and laundry but I LOVE the new Lemon Scent for my laundry. One little cap full and it perks up the smell of my laundy. I like the original scent for cleaning and deoderizing but LOVE my new laundry smell. CM

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