Thursday, November 10, 2011

Robin's Cats

Robin's Cats Someone recently asked about Robin's cats. Wish I had someone to update this on a more regular basis or had someone to do many of the other things I do so I could do updates on a more regular basis but alas, that too shall come! I'm delighted when someone asks questions. I never know who reads these posts. About Robin's cats. A quick synopsis by memory for the moment. Ella was adopted by a good friend of Robin's Helmut & Twilight were adopted to a family in Willmette. Tennyson & Rosie went to a young girl and her grandmother who'd lost their mom/daughter then the kittens they got before these two died. They are bringing both the young girl and the grandmother much joy. 5 Seniors went to DuPage Animal Care & Control and were accepted into their Senior Adoption program. I continue to check with them to get seniors in when they've adopted seniors out. This assures their being in the adoption program vs being euthanized. ( a note on shelters that euthanize for space. As much as I oppose killing of any sort, I completely understand the need. There are more cats than homes. To judge a shelter because they euthanize without adopting as many pets as possible is blaming the wrong party. They are doing the best they can to accomodate a difficult situation) Once a cat is accepted into their program, they stay until they are adopted. Alfred, the guy that had his ear canals removed is now Long Haul Trucker Alfred. He was adopted by a young couple with a big rig. Alfred spends his days on the 2nd bunk, roaming around the back 'room' of the cab and looking out the window (his favorite thing to do while here). 4 of the cats, who's names escape me, are in foster care waiting for adoption. 6 of the cats are still at Robin's housed - waiting for adoption. Ellie (who you may have seen on our FB page) sadly, was euthanized. She had a tumor in her ear, the size was initially hidden by an enormous absess. After 2 weeks of daily soaks and antibiotics, it was found that the tumor was too large to be operable. Tika, another wonderful cat, died of a form of cancer that now escapes me. She had a great life until the day she died in the arms of her loving foster mom. Robin had 22, not 26 cats when she died. Robin is in our thoughts as well as her cats. Her former car was donated by her husband and is now our 'cat mobile'.

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